The Process
Threading is another ancient art. This art is performed to remove unwanted facial hair. For thousands of years this method is used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East. In Arabic this method is known as Khite and Fatlah in Egyptian. Threading hair removal is not only an ancient art that all natural, it is also safe, simple, fast and effective method. This technique is 100% natural, there are no artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive techniques used.

How does it work?
Threading requires a piece of thread to remove the unwanted hair, hence called Threading. A 100% cotton thread is twisted back and forth over the skin where unwanted hair is to be removed. This twisting entwines the hairs in the thread that are than lifted out from the follicle pulling them out from the roots.

Does threading hurt?
Yes, it hurts like tweezing. Many people find this method less painful than waxing, since threading only targets the individual hairs and the irritation is kept to a minimum.

Who can get it done?
Threading is an excellent choice for those who cannot wax or break out after the application of wax because of their skin condition. People who use Retin-A, Accutane, Renova and such chemical are the best candidates for using this technique. This method is safe and dermatologist recommended.

Who can provide this service?
Only a trained and certified cosmetologist or an aesthetician can perform this service.

What are the benefits of threading vs. waxing?
This method is safe, simple, fast and effective. Does not damage the skin's elasticity. There are no chemicals or wax involved. Skin does not get as red and irritated. The hair does not grow back as fast. Threading does not peel off a layer of skin, nor burn it. It can pull out an individual and the finest hair from the surface of the skin. The length of the hair does not need to be long. This method does not produce more hair or make the hair stronger. The control of how many and which hair needs to removed is on the specialistís hand, therefore, eyebrows can be shaped perfectly. And finally, it leaves the skin so smooth.

Waxing damages the elasticity of the skin and therefore, increases the chances of wrinkles earlier than the natural aging. Waxing, shaving, and tweezing cut the skin as well as increase the chance of in-grown hairs. These methods also make facial hair grow back faster and thicker.